How a Coach — Sarah Bedrick — Helped Me Thrive

Dan Moyle
2 min readAug 25, 2020

Clarity. Confidence. Courage*. That — and more — is what Sarah Bedrick gave me through our time together. Coaching can push even the best of the best to new levels. I couldn’t even picture what it would do for someone like me. I knew I’d find value in our time together, but Sarah far-exceeded expectations.

Over the span of a few conversations, Sarah had a deep understanding of who I was and where I wanted to go. She guided the conversations with empathy and insight. With Sarah’s help, I found my superpowers (curiosity and empathy), discovered my why (I live to put more love into the world and create a better space for everyone.) and developed my North Star words (like reliable, collaboration, listener, guidance).

I started 2020 with a Word of the Year** so I had some idea of how I planned to engineer my future. With Thrive Coaching in my corner, not only did I gain clarity on my path but I also found the confidence to make it happen and the insight to see where it was coming together — and where I needed to work harder.

In addition to my one-on-one coaching with Sarah, the Life Wheel exercise and group coaching session added even more value, insight and direction to my growth journey.

I can’t sing Sarah’s praises enough. Her energy, insight, curiosity and compassion make her a top-level coach. And her friendly spirit makes her a great human and friend.

*”Courage is what allows you to act not because you’re not fearful, but rather act despite your fears. … Courage is thriving under uncertainty while confidence is the assessment afterwards. In other words, you can’t get to confidence, without the courage to try something for the first time.” — Courage vs. confidence

**Funny enough, my Word for 2020 was THRIVE. It was meant to be.

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Dan Moyle

I live to put more love into the world and create a better space for everyone. Podcaster, writer, marketer, volunteer. HubSpot Advisor at Impulse Creative.